Art & Culture that everyone can enjoy

Art has been an effective means of expression throughout human history and it is still highly valued today. However, many are turning away due to an increasing public indifference and bias against art being recognized as luxury for high class. Therefore, most artists including young are losing their ground and we want to change that.

PASA Festival

We host a trendy art & culture festival every year where you can experience various types of artworks from the world. Not only globally famous artists but also new and unknown but talented artists will be introduced.


We utilize empty spaces at cafes where people gather most in substitute of galleries. With our monthly held solo exhibitions in cafes, you can meet new artists and experience cultural events.


Artists participated


Events hosted


Partners & Clients

We want to partner with you!

We look forward to partnering with anyone who wants to develop art & culture industry. This applies to artists who want to exhibit their works, owners of place such as gallery, cafe, pub who want to decorate their spaces, art & culture institutions/organizations, those who want to sponsor us, and any others who are interested in art & culture. Please contact us!

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