Best service to connect art and spaces

Bitglim offers the best digital content service for artists and spaces

Bitglim is

Service that offers, sells and distributes digital content through digital signage.
Also sponsors various art and cultural offline seminars, education and events that everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy art in your daily life

Even though art has been around us for many
decades, most artists have difficulty finding
places to exhibit and spaces have concerns
on finding various artwork.
Bitglim’s service can be the best solution.
With Bitglim, various forms of art including
fine art, photography, media art, digital art and
VR can be easily met through digital signage


PASA Festival

PASA Festival is a new form of an art festival that fuses art and science.
Unlike other art festivals, we host trendy art and cultural events where you can experience art with entertainment.

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Service Process

Content Upload (Artist)

Upload artwork and image analysis

Service Request (Space)

Request for exhibition after selecting artwork

Bitglim Service

Provide professional curating and additional services

Monitor Installation

Install digital monitors for exhibition in space


Monthly exhibition and promotion



Enjoy our amazing digital contents everywhere through Bitglim’s service

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